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• No 29/2564 : Thailand e-Visa stickerless System
• No 26/2564 : Thailand e-Visa stickerless System



          • E-Visa processing time is 15 business days no expedite. Incomplete information will cause a delay in your application

          • Visa fee is non-refundable, please check your information is correct before submit the application. Double check all information especially if your device is using autofill or auto correct.

          • Consular officers reserve the right to request additional docutments as deemed necessary and also reserve the right to reject any application without having to provide reason

          • Per the regulation, The Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles "can not" issue a visa for foreign national who are currently in Thailand. All travelers need obtain a visa before entering Thailand.

          • Application will be processed only for those are applying from within the 13 states : Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming as well as all of the unincorporated territories of the United States in the Pacific such as Guam.
           Applications from outside our jurisdiction will be rejected.


Visa Information 

1.  Regulation to enter Thailand and visa arrangement

2.  Visa Types

3.  Visa Fee

4.  Forms

5.  Bringing Pets to Thailand

6.  Important Information for Foreigners Staying in Thailand More Than 90 Days

7.  Visa Extension at Immigration Bureau

8.  Health Requirement (including Bringing Prescriptions to Thailand)