Instruction for Obtaining E-passport

Instruction for Obtaining E-passport

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All applicants required to apply in person for e-passport at Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles or come to Mobile Consular site. There will require to collect in contactless integrated circuit, such as; fingers print and biometric data.

Required Documents

  • Make Appointment Online Click here or  Click_here_button  
  • Valid Thai ID Card
  • Current Thai passport
  •  E-Passport Fee    
         – US $ 37 for the 5 year E-passport 
         – US $ 55 for the 10 years E-Passport
    pay by Money Order or Cashier’s check ONLY made payable to “Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles”

Additional Documents For the applicants who are under 20 years old required documents as below:

  • Thai Birth Certificate with 1 copy
  • Parent’s Thai ID or valid passports with 1 copy
  • Marriage Certificate of parents with 1 copy
  • Authorized Signature of Parents* require on the finish application

*If either or both can’t present at the time, there will request a letter of consent with “Notary Public form to notarize signature of applicants” notarized by Notary Public is acceptable.


For an applicant who is a Government Official/student under supervision of Civil Service Commission (CSC)

  • Letter from the Office of Civil Service Commission granting permission to continue studying in the U.S.

For an applicant who is Buddhist Monk

  • Approval letter from the Sangha Supreme Council, Office of National Buddhism
  • Identity Booklet for Buddhist Monk


Applicant may request to provide a Return Express Mail envelop with stamp on to the Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles. 

NOTE All documents and biometric data of applicants have to be sent to the Foreign Ministry, BKK to produce passports and then the passports will be sent to the Royal Thai Consulate General. Processing time is about 4-6 weeks.

The Royal Thai Consulate-General will not responsible for any damage or lost mail.