Non-Immigrant Type “O” Volunteer

Non-Immigrant Type “O” Volunteer

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Non-Immigrant Type “O” (Volunteer)

Visa for Volunteers or NGO workers (O) 

A Volunteer or NGO worker working without salary should apply for a type “O” [voluntary work NGO/Charity/Association (without salary)] 

Please note that the family of NGO workers can no longer apply for a Non-Immigrant visa type O. They may instead apply for a Tourist visa or other types of visas they are qualified for.*

If the applicant does not have a valid visa or re-entry permit, the applicant must request a visa, at least 15 working days before the intended date of travel, by filling in the information and uploading all required documents online at (Please note that the visa application fee is non-refundable)

For instructions, please check

Required documents to upload in the system (Large and clear JPEG or PDF format): 

  1. Passport Biodata Page or Travel Document (Must be valid within 6 months from travel date)
  2. Photograph of the applicant, taken within the past six months
  3. Document indicating current location (driving license, bank statement, or proof of stay)
  4. A copy of a recent saving or checking bank statement with an ending balance of no less than $1,000 that shows the applicant's name and date. In case of submitting a family bank statement, proof of relationship (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate) must be provided
  5. Invitation letter or support letter from the NGO, Charity, or organization where the applicant will be working. The letter should include the name of applicant, Passport number, job description, paid or unpaid position, period of stay in Thailand, and hand-signed by the authorized person together with a copy of a valid Thai ID card or Passport of the signer. In the case of a non-Thai national who signed the letter, a valid work permit must be provided
  6. Letter of the head of the Department, government agency or state enterprise requesting for the applicant’s voluntary activity, or by the head of any other government agency that oversees or shares missions with the organization/NGO (i.e. Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor, Department of Social Development and Welfare). (หน่วยงานระดับกรมขึ้นไปเท่านั้น เช่น กรมการจัดหางาน กระทรวงแรงงาน หรือกรมพัฒนาสังคมและสวัสดิการ)
    *Employment Office (สำนักงานจัดหางานจังหวัด) and Social Security Office (สำนักงานประกันสังคม) are not qualified*


  • Volunteer workers who wish to work as a teacher must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa type B (Teaching) and submit all required documents as listed on our website. For more information, please click Non-Immigrant Visa type B (Teaching)
  • Volunteer workers who wish to work as an intern teacher or student intern must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa type ED (Internship). For more information, please click Non-Immigrant Visa type ED (Internship)
  • Volunteer workers who wish to work as a religious missionary must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa type R. For more information, please click Non-Immigrant Visa type R (Religious)


***Additional Documents***

For non-US citizens, please provide additional documents:
– A copy of the permanent resident alien card or a copy of a valid US visa (at least 6 months validity).
– A letter of proof of employment (**we don’t accept pay stubs**) 
confirming the position and work status hand-signed by the authorized HR Department or Manager. Please note that the acceptance or job offer is not sufficient.
For students, a letter is proof of full-time student status (I-20).
For self-employed, business license or business registration indicating the applicant’s name.

For minors under 20 years old, please provide additional documents:
– Copy of a birth certificate
– Copy of a marriage certificate, in case of sole custody notarized copy of the court order, must be provided.
– Copy of passports or ID of mother and father/ legal guardian.
– Flight itinerary to Thailand showing traveling with both parents, itinerary must include name, travel dates, airports, and flight number. If the applicant is traveling alone or with one of the parents, please provide a notarized consent letter for the minor to travel from parents who are not traveling with. The consent letter needs to be signed, and notarized by the notary public.

***If the applicant not submitting all listed documents or submitted a screenshot or unclear file, he/she will get a request for more documents which will delay the Visa processing time
***All supporting materials that are issued outside of Thailand and the U.S. must be accompanied by certified English translations and notarized by an Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs only***

*For an extension of stay, please contact the Immigration Bureau directly once you are in Thailand*