Passport FAQs

Passport FAQs

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Can I process e-passport via regular mail?

Answer No, because we need biometrics information, such as fingerprint and photograph to be recorded into e-passport. Therefore, it is mandatory that you come in person.

What is e-passport? How is it different than regular passport?

Answer E-passport is a travel document with technical specifications adhering to the guidance set forth by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The main differences between e-passport and normal passport are as follows:

  • Biometric data including finger prints, photograph are recorded within Contactless Integrated Circuit
    embedded within the e-passport
  • E-passport is automatically readable and processed by a machine placed at Automatic Gate located at
    border crossing check points. The machine at Automatic gate also possess the ability to run a check against a criminal database

How many types of e-passport are there?

Answer There are three types of e-passport:

  • Diplomatic e-passport issued to diplomats, and top ranking government officials and diplomatic personnel
  • Official passport issued to individuals representing Thailand government on official business
  • Regular e-passport issued to ordinary travel

Does the e-passport automatically renew?

Answer No, e-passport expires every 5 years or 10 years. Once expired, you will need to come in and request for e-passport again.

What documents do I need to request for e-passport?


  1. One Form RTG-LA –P1 (e-passport request form)
  2. Following identification forms
    • Original of Thai Identification Card or proof of Thai residency with address, name and a 13-digit identification number
    • Current passport
  3. Passport Fee    
         – US $ 37 for the 5 year E-passport 
         – US $ 55 for the 10 years E-Passport
    pay by Money Order or Cashier’s check ONLY made payable to “Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles”
  4. Priority Express Mail with stamps (in case if you want us to mail back)

For minors (age younger than 20) additional documentations are needed

  • Original of Thai birth certificate and 1 copy
  • Original of Thai Identification Card or proof of Thai residency with address, name and a 13-digit identification number (in case of minors already have their first passport)
  • A copy of residency documentation and identification card of the minor’s parents
  • Original of Marriage certificate of the parents and 1 copy

For applicants who are pursuing further education

    • Government employees or students, who are taking a leave of absence to pursue further education
      outside in supervision of the Office of Civil Service Commission will need to submit a document issued by
      the current place of employment/ ministry approving the leave of absence with one copy
    • Government employees or students who are within the Office of Civil Service Commission will need to
      process all the paper work through Office of Educational Affairs Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC

For applicants who are currently in monkhood or are ordained

  • One copy of proof of extended stay as issued by the resolution of Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand with names and other details that accurately reflect information on the passport
  • Original of Identity card of monk and 1 copy
  • One copy of Proof of Thai Residency

Do I need to make an appointment?

Answer Yes, due to a large number of requesters and a limited capacity of the consulate to service large volume, as well as cases of missing documents, it is most beneficial and convenient to make an appointment to ensure your place.

How do I make an appointment?

Answer Presently, the Royal Thai Consulate has opened up an online appointment center at or call to make an appointment at Telephone no. (323)-962-9574.

Do minors (anyone younger than 20 years old) have to be accompanied by their parents when asked
for passport?

Answer Yes, parents will need to accompany their minors to sign any necessary documents.